Stainless Steel Electrode


SUPER OPTIMAL 430-15 (Description)

Basic coated low hydrogen MMA electrodes suitable for the welding of 15-17 % Cr Steels (AISI 430). These steels are air hardening and therefore pre-heating and stress relieving treatments are required to obtain a suitable ductility to allow mechanical working.

SUPER OPTIML 430-26 - Description and Application

Rutile coated high performance electrode for welding of stainless, heat resistant and cold Application tough steels and cast steel types, on identical ferrite and similar heat treatable steels/cast steel types, 15-17 % Cr (AISI 430). Suitable for surfacing and plating on scaling surfaces water, steam and gas fillings made from unalloyed/low alloyed/steels cast steel. This electrode is ideally suitable for surfacing on rails subject to wear and can be used for the refurbishment and repair up to 475°C.

Product Name AWS/SFA
Yield Strength N/mm2
Tensile Strength N/mm2 
Elongation A5(%)
Impact VJ+20◦C Welding Conditions
SUPER OPTIMAL 430-15 E430-15 
SUPER OPTIMAL 430 E430-16 
SUPER OPTIML 430-26 E430-26 
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