Stainless Steel Electrode


Description - SUPER OPTIMAL 312   :

Electrode for high strength joint welding and surfacings of similar and equal steels or cast steels, for joint welding tensile unalloyed steels, tempered and tool steels, high manganese steels, spring steels and joints between dissimilar steels with high alloyed stainless steels. Furthermore for crack proof tough inter-passes on hard surfacings and for abrasion resistant and warm hardened surfacings. The austenitic – ferritic weld metal is stainless & corrosion resistant. Due to enhanced delta –ferrite content, black – white joints are highly resistant against hot-cracking.


Product Name AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2  Elongation A5(%) Impact VJ+20◦C Welding Conditions Unique Feature(All Vacuum Packed)
Super  Stainless 312  E312-16 > 500 > 700 > 24    AC;DC(+)  
SUPER OPTIMAL 312 E312-16 > 500 > 800 > 24  
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