M&R - Hardfacing Electrode

Severe Abrasion/ erosion on Sintercast (SUPER STANHARD UL 81)


  • Ultimate single layer hardness of around 70 HRc.
  • Highest Volume fraction of complex carbides with optimised matrix.
  • High temperature hardness till 800°C.
  • High metal recovery up to 170%.
  • All position welding alloy.

KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Sintered carbide table rolls, table liners buttoning, Clinker crusher hammers, Sinter crusher hammers, sinter & clinker hubs, Sinter and clinker knife bars, ID fans handling high tempature flue gases, slurry pumps, billet conveyor rolls, hot slag conveyors.


RECOMMENDATIONS : An unique alloys with high volume fraction of complex carbides in an martensitic matrix, giving best performance against griding abrasion combined with erosion and high heat. The bonding of the alloy on the high carbon/ alloyed base metal is superb.

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