M&R - Hardfacing Electrode

Chromium Carbide Tubulars (FERRO GOLD  ChromE(T) and FERROGOLD 609 T)


DESCRIPTION : Gives best performance in its class of tubular electrodes. Its auto evolving gases act beautifuly to shield the preformed carbides in tubular shape. It gives absolutely low heat input as it works at very low current. Extraordinary shelf life due to its non-hygroscopic coating.


  • Excellent resistance to severe abrasion and moderate impact.
  • Very high rate of deposition.
  • Low dilution of base metal due to low current usage.
  • Very long shelf life due to non-hygroscopic coating.
  • Easy striking & re-striking.
  • 6mm good out of position hard facing.
  • AC – DC current.
  • Touch weld is possible.




  • No red hotness. Low heat input /low dilution welding.
  • 4G Welding Capabilities.
  • Good control of weld pool during welding.
  • Slagless deposit with high metal recovery.
  • Minimal fumes, gases. Easy strike and restrike.
  • Complete electrode deposition without electrode overheating.
  • Seamless steel tube construction for better arc characteristics.
  • Complex carbide alloy for excellent abrasion resistance & high hardness retention at high temperature.


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Clinker crushers, sinter breakers, burner buckets of power plants, ash conveying screws, blow bars, conveyor chutes etc.

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