M&R - Hardfacing Electrode

Abrasion /Erosion (SUPER STANHARD AC 76)


  • Very High Single layers hardness and resists high abrasion.
  • Very mild stress relieving checks – no uprooting of hardfaced deposit.
  • Smooth bead appearance and whitish appearance.
  • All position electrode.
  • Touch weld, excellent weldability and high deposition rates.
  • Can take temperatures up to 400°C.

KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Earthmoving applications like, buckets, track pads, lip plates, teeth points, scrappers, dozers blades etc.


RECOMMENDATIONS : Suitable alloy for hardfacing and coating of wear prone equipments due to abrasive wear. This can be used on carbon steels, manganese steels and also on malleable iron. Deposits polish in service and offers low coefficient of friction. All position compatibility of the electrodes makes welding easy. Extensitely can be used on earth moving machinery, crushing applications.

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