M&R - Hardfacing Electrode

Buffer/Cushion Layers (SUPER STANHARD NA 75)


  • Deposits work harden in service.
  • Nickel based austenitic deposits gives high temperature.
  • Unique alloy for hardfacing & joining.
  • Excellent crack resistivity.
  • Deposits has low coefficient of friction.
  • Deposits are galling & spalling resistant.


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Forged/ Alloyed sprockets, Heavy earthmoving tumblers, idlers, Crusher jaws, conical crusher mantle, coke crushers etc.

RECOMMENDATIONS : A high alloys nickel based austenitic deposit, exhibiting high temperature properties in strength, corrosion and also compressive galling. Deposits have very low coefficient of friction and also polishes in service. Highly recommended for buildup, cladding and joining of high alloy/ medium alloyed forged earthmoving components and heavy machinery like crushers and impactors.

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