M&R - Joining Electrode

Manganese Steel / MS to SS (SUPER STAN ALLOY EM 35)


  • Best in class electrode for Mn steel to Carbon steel joining.
  • Self releasing slag design.
  • Good temperature and corrosion resistant.
  • Superior corrosion resistance to intergranular corrosion at high tempertures.
  • Strong and tough weld deposits with out of position capability.
  • Versatile for joining dissimilar steels, austenitic to ferritic steels and including


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Ideal electrode for joining manganese steels to carbon steels, earth moving equipment buckets, manganese steel liners joining, shot blast machine liners joining, weld clad wear plate joining and also for joining earth moving equipments-chassis repairs.


RECOMMENDATIONS : Highy ductile electrodes makes it ideal for joining manganese steel to carbon steel joining thereby  eliminating any HAZ cracks. Best suited as a base layer or a cushion layer for hard surfacing. Doesn't pick up hardness and can be deposited for multiple layers or build up.

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