M&R - Joining Electrode

High Temperature Austenitic (SUPER STANALLOY DS 32)


  • Wide base metal compatibility.
  • Contact type with superior arc characteristics.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance at high temperatures.
  • Retains strength till 1000°C & also corrosion resistant.
  • Self lifting slag design— minimal welders fatigue.
  • No red hotness during welding of the electrode.


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Suited for dissimilar steel joining and also unknown stainless steels. Overlaying of shafts, furnace parts, valves and steel pumps.


RECOMMENDATIONS : Versatile electrode for overlaying or joining applications across variety of steels & stainless steels. Frostarc formulation enables welding at low amperages and eliminating distorion and warping. Ideal alloy for overlay of wear resistant and impact strength. Good alloy for most stainless steels of any grade.

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