M&R - Joining Electrode

Dissimilar/unknown steels (SUPER STANALLOY DS 34)


  • Frostarc Formulation leading to low amperage welding with superior penetrations at low amperages.
  • Superior " ferrite balance " chemistry engineered to give superior crack free weld deposits on high alloys and high carbon steels with HAZ cracking.
  • Contact type & Self lifting slag electrode design.
  • Resistance to surface contaminants & excellent impact resistance.
  • Tough, high crack resistance combined with smooth arc transfer.
  • All position welding capability.


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Suited for Dies, tools, springs, cushion layer, Joining dissimilar & unknown steel & stainless steel combinations. Machinable build-up and overlay.


RECOMMENDATIONS : Frostarc coating plus high-alloy core generates highly ionized arc for “spray-type” transfer of weld meal. Outstanding strength and weldability. CDS produces mini & dense grain structure for high strength, high toughness and ductility. For combinations of similar and dissimilar steels and joining steels of different thicknesses.

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