M&R - Joining Electrode



  • Extreme resistance to surface contaminations in cast iron.
  • Spray and fast freezing capability – makes it suitable for pin hole free welding of cast irons.
  • Non conductive flux coating helps in reaching deep cracks without side arcing, because of non conductive flux coating.
  • All positional welding capability.
  • Excellent colour match to grey cast irons.


KEY APPLICATION AREAS : Ideal electrode for welding oil soaked and highly contaminated cast irons defect rectification in cast iron foundries. Best colour match to grey cast irons.


RECOMMENDATIONS : Ideal electrodes to be used as a buffer layer while doing an cast iron joining job. Best suited for highly contaminated Cast irons. Non conductive coating makes it best suited without side arcing taking place. The deposits have a great colour match to Grey cast iron.

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