Open Gear Lubricant

Girth gears used in cement, coal, sponge iron and power plants.

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Advantage of using greases in open gears is that it forms a thin soft film on the surface of gears to protect from wear, load and friction. Traditional bitumen based open gear lubricants form a very hard brittle film which leads to breakdown - friction increases, changes in alignments and finally very difficult to do maintenance. 70302 1000/2 Super Gear 1000 – Manual lubrication- Lithium complex thickener with ISO 1000 mineral base oils and solid lubricants. 70302 1000/00 Super Gear 1000 – Automatic spray system-Aluminium Complex thickener with ISO 1000 mineral base oil and solid lubricants. Excellent pumpability and easy to spray. MoS2 & Graphite fortified. Tackiness additive for extra film strength- High load bearing capacity - 800 kgs +. 180 kgs, 20kgs, 5 kgs , 2 kgs, 1 kg
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