General Purpose Long Life EP Grease

Textile, paper mills (dry roller bearings), construction equipments, industrial equipments, cranes, marble cutting equipments, automotive bearings etc.


70602 (2) multi use LC 220 Blue  :

High performance long life Lithium Complex Grease


8022 Super Syn Universal  :

Lithium Complex, Synthetic base oil and white solid lubricants

Properties Operating temperature Packaging
Universal long life grease for ball and roller bearings for a wide range of applications. Gives 2-3 times longer lubrication life than ordinary greases. Very tacky structure provides firm film on the surface of the bearings. Drop point - 300◦ C, High EPload. 500 kgs against 250 kgs of the leading brands. Low wear scar - 0.5 mm (-) 25◦ C to 160◦ C. 180 kgs, 20kgs, 5 kgs , 2 kgs, 1 kg
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