Centralized Lubrication Semi-Fluid Grease

Bearings, slides & parts lubricated with centralised lube systems, textile printing, packaging, ceramic, leaky Gear box lubrication, reducing leakages and energy saving.


Description   :

Centralized lubrication requires very smooth, lump free greases for smooth flow (pumpability) through the narrow tubes of the system and should not choke the filter.


Super G EP0,00,000   :

Lithium base grease ISO 100 mineral base oil and EP additives. Very economical.


70602 GL Super flow SF 220,0,00,000.   :

Long life premium semi fluid grease, made with Lithium complex thickener, mineral base oil and EP additives.

Properties Packaging
High performance semi fluid greases for centralised / spray lubrication system. Excellent pumpability, will not harden, and clog centralized lubricant system. Drop point 185◦ C + 4 Ball EPload 200 kgs + 180 kgs, 20kgs, 5 kgs , 2 kgs, 1 kg
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