High Speed Motor Bearing Grease

Low to heavy duty electric motor bearings, spindle bearings.

Properties Drop Point Operating temperature Packaging
70602 (HS) Motor Lube EP100 – Lithium complex thickener with ISO 100 mineral base oil especially for heavy duty electric motor bearings. Superquiet 100 EP - Lithium complex long life grease with synthetic ISO 100 base oil and white solid lubricants for exceptional low coefficient of friction. Energy saving. 90475 Super Spin HS - Very high speed spindle bearings in textile industries- ISO 32 synthetic base oil with friction modifiers. Speed Factor 1,000,000. CNC machines, grinding machines, electronic assemblies, metal to plastic or plastic to plastic sliding surfaces. Very high drop point 300° C + (-) 25° C to 150° C. 180 kgs, 20kgs, 5 kgs , 2 kgs, 1 kg
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