Welding Auxiliaries

Super Galva Bright


SUPER GALVA BRIGHT spray is a quick drying, light-duty, sacrificial coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing. It Provides barrier as well higher degree of cathodic protection to the base metal against the environment and prevent the formation or spreading of rust and corrosion. It also provides the appearance of a high shine, hot-dip galvanized, bright metallic finish. SUPER GALVA BRIGHT is excellent for touch-ups to scratches, dents, welds, wear or machined edges on galvanised, aluminum and other high shine metal substrates.



  • Exposed edges, fasteners, conduit, strapping, welds, fencing, railings, grates, electrical poles.
  • Breaker panel housings, rain spouts, signs, doors, trailers, waste containers, catwalks and guard rails.
  • Ideally suited for a variety of environments including marine, utility, refinery, water treatment, chemical processing, pulp & paper, steel manufacturing and general maintenance and repair. Valve spindles, pistonrods.



  • High Shine Finish : A glistening high shine coating with 65% zinc- Al in dry film. Provides the appearance of a hot-dip galvanized, bright metallic finish.
  • Sacrificial Zinc Coating : Stops rust & corrosion on steel structures, equal to Hot dipped galvanizing.
  • Quick Drying : Dries to touch in 15 to 30 minutes. Allows treated parts to be handled quickly.
  • Restores bright look of hot dipped galvanizing on damaged surfaces.
  • Excellent heat resistance in class.
  • Ozone friendly formulation.



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