Low Alloy Electrode


Key USP's   :

  • Smooth finely rippled weld beads.
  • Less than 4.0 ml diffusible hydrogen level.
  • Excellent impact notch toughness at -50◦C.
  • Radiographic quality weld deposit.
Product Name AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2 ) Elongation A5(%) Impact (J)  Welding Conditions Unique Feature
SUPER OPTIMAL 9018-D1 E 9018-D1 ≥550 650-750 ≥20 ≥47J at -50° AC;DC(+) Ideally suitable for welding
of high strength steels, castings etc.
SUPER OPTIMAL 9018-B3 E 9018-B3 ≥550 620-750 ≥20 >47 at +20°C AC;DC+ Excellent weldability and mechanical properties..
SUPER OPTIMAL 9018-M E 9018-M H4 540-620 650-700 ≥26 ≥47J at -50° AC;DC+ Extra Low hydrogen. Tough and crack free welded joints. Excellent mechanical properties.
SUPER OPTIMAL 9018-G E 9018-G ≥550 620-720 ≥20 >47J at +20°C AC;DC+ Excellent weldability extra low hydrogen, self peeling slag, best in class mechanical properties..


Packaging Details

Normal Special Packing
Inner Packing Outer Packing
2 & 5Kg Vac Pack 10 & 20Kg 2Kg/5Kg Plastic Tube


Other packaging information   : 

For Plastic Tube pack, the outer pack weight will be same as vac & normal pack

For lbs packing :- 2kg :- 5 Lbs, and 5Kg :- 10Lbs, 10kg :- 20Lbs, 20kg :- 40Lbs

For 2kg = 2x5=10kg

For 5kg = 5x4=20kg

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