Cast Iron Electrode


Features   :

  • Unique dual core prevents electrode overheating even in adverse applications. Eliminates pin & blow holes & the need for pre – heating.
  • Extra strong arc drive facilitates joining in all positions – degreases & cleans oily cast iron & burn’s off surface contaminants, including rust, scaling & oxides, prior to weld metal transfer.
  • High efficiency weld metal transfer totally eliminates electrode overheating.
  • Excellent performance on poor quality porous castings – automatically cleans surface for stronger weld joints.
  • Versatile – Can be used successfully on virtually all types of cast iron.


Description and Applications  :

For joining of all weldable cast iron grades to themselves or to low carbon steel alloys. Grey, nodullar, malleable, ductile iron, “Ni – Resist”, meehanite, nickel alloys.

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