High Temperature Synthetic Chain Oil

Conventional/mineral base oils are not suitable when chains are exposed to very high temperatures 200-300 deg.C. These oils form high carbon, sludge &, varnishes and burn at this temperature as leads to breakdown of chain very frequently.

TTF 1000/Stenterlube 220 Packaging
Synthetic high temperature chain oil for stenter chains & paint shop conveyor chains, thermally very stable. Application temperature upto 250◦ C. 210 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr
No carbon & sludge formation. Load and wear protection. No residue build up in the chains.
Increases life of the chains thus reduces the maintenance cost.
ISO 220 grade. Flash point. 300◦ C +
Wear Scar. 0.4 mm
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